History, Technique, and Equipment

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Golf: Game of Kings and Commoners

Golf is seen as one of the oldest sports on record and can trace its origins back to 15th-century Scotland (where it was initially referred to as ‘Gowf’). Today, the sport undoubtedly enjoys massive popularity in several countries, including the UK, Ireland, the US, and Canada, among several others.

To the Moon and Back

In 1457, the Scottish King, James II, tried to curb the rapid popularity of golf, urging the common folk to focus all their energies on archery instead. However, the attempt was largely unsuccessful, and the king’s own grandson, who later ruled as James IV, is remembered today for being an ardent golfer.

As a sign of the game’s ultimate triumph, the US astronaut Allen Shepard, a member of NASA’s famous 1971 Apollo Moon Mission, hit a golf ball on the lunar surface, making golf the first human sport to be played (albeit symbolically) in outer space.


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