Fruit Benefits Are Real, Let Us Explain

Complete the cruel exercise and point to one of the most important aspects of exercise: a protein shake. This is a ritual for gymnasts to survive and die. If we are completely honest, sometimes this is the only reason we work. right? only me?

Although you can’t deny the magical power of protein shakes that give your blood vessels directly after exercise, there are some important places that can be used for fruit after exercise. Yes, we can have everything.

Read below to learn some of the benefits of fruit carnival in the pursuit of an eternal bomb. Thinking about food… and muscles.

Date, pineapple, grape
Carbohydrates get very bad, but as your body’s first source of energy, you shouldn’t avoid them, especially if you want to increase the volume. If you don’t have enough carbohydrate intake, you may have muscle pain in the catabolic state, with poor recovery and limited progress. Although protein is a distinct element in the construction of the body, its function is to repair damaged muscle tissue, while carbohydrates are converted into glycogen, the energy stored in the muscles, which gives them extra size and strength.

If you train at least 2 times a week, then your goal should be to consume carbohydrates for their dietary intake to prevent at least half of the muscle breakdown in the search energy, indicating the nutrition and diet of the college.

Banana, orange, kiwi, melon
Eating a fruit with a high potassium content is a good way to charge the electrolyte without the sugar processed in the sports drink. Why is potassium a hero in building muscle? Basically, it is an electrolyte that is responsible for muscle contraction and is lost when sweating. Therefore, a quick replacement of potassium means that it will return to the shelf before it is squatted, without sputum.

Nitric oxide
It is not only an important source of natural sugar, but also contains citrulline, an amino acid responsible for the production of nitric oxide. If this sounds more like a scientific experiment than a muscle building agent, don’t worry, there is a simpler explanation. Nitric oxide is a notorious provider of blood flow to the muscles, which increases their size and provides a solid load to restore nutrients. From a correct perspective, it has been reported that nitric oxide is used as a more effective “muscle potentiator” than Viagra in terms of erectile dysfunction.