3 Muscle Building You Should Try The Kettlebell Circuit

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Kettlebells is a versatile tool to strengthen muscles, increase strength and reduce body fat. Like most training programs, muscle building relies heavily on (1) load / strength, (2) total training, (3) rest time, and (4) recovery.

In this article, we designed three different kettlebell circuits to develop muscles (lower body, upper body and whole body). If you wish to complete all three tasks in the same week, we recommend that you fully recover from rest days or active recovery in order to fully attack each training.

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Exercise 1 – Lower half body Kettlebell circuit for muscle building
The following exercises are designed to develop muscle mass in the lower part of the body. This is an effective exercise method for quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and calf muscles, and spinal orthosis.

Part 1
The first part of the training must be completed in order, with each training and training completed after each exercise. The rest time between the two groups should be 45-90 seconds. It is important to maintain control over the entire range of motion and maintain tension in the active muscles. Finally, the load should be moderate to severe to cause a stress of proper training and stimulation.

Double front Kettlebell  – 3 groups of 8 representatives
RDL Kettlebell with one leg: 3 times per group, 12 per group
Bulgarian double squat Kettlebell Split – 10 groups of 3 repetitions per group

Part 2
Use this recording terminator to complete the session. Complete all repeated squats with cups and move towards the swing with kettlebells. Challenge yourself every week by defeating your best end time. It is recommended that you maintain a moderate load and avoid overweight, as attention should be focused on the longer sticks to accumulate large amounts of metabolism in the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. The recommended load is as follows.

Front frame double Kettlebell walking Lunge x 100 steps (20 kg for men and 12 kg for women)
Kettlebell Russian Swing x 100 times (32 kg for men and 24 kg for women)

Exercise 2: build a muscular circuit of the upper body Kettlebell
The following exercises are designed to develop muscle mass in the upper body. This is an effective exercise for the chest muscles (thorax), deltoid muscles (shoulders), latissimus dorsi (back), trapezius, biceps, forearms and triceps.

Part 1
The first part of the training should be done in the form of a rotating shift with a rest of 45-90 seconds between the exercises. The load should be moderate to strong to stimulate proper training and stress. Complete the following list of exercises in the form of rotating shifts, rest between 45-90 seconds between exercises, and 2-3 minutes between rounds (complete all exercises equivalent to rounds).

Complete 5 rounds:

Double Kettlebell Clean x 8 times
Press double Kettlebell Press x 8 times
Strict weighted pull-up x 8 times

Part 2
Complete these 12 minute AMRAP muscle training exercises (like many rounds). Perform the following exercises and delegate in the form of rotating shifts, taking breaks as necessary. The goal here should be to move, increase muscle fatigue and keep rest time as short as possible. Assuming that appropriate techniques and forms are used under fatigue, the load should be medium to heavy.

Kettlebell American Swing x 10 Representative
The weight gain x 20-30 means
Double Kettlebell Front Rack Walk x 40 m

Exercise 3: build a circuit of kettlebells for the whole body
This exercise is nothing special, but offers a crazy volume. First we made the “Armor Complex” in the fashion show every minute (EMOM). The rest period is kept short (approximately 30-45 seconds) while the load is as heavy as possible. This will help provide adequate volume and stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH). After completing the 20 minute EMOM, take a few minutes to get together and prepare for the second part of the training.

Part 1
Complete 20 armored complexes. This will be done in an EMOM of 20 minutes (20 games), from the combination of light start to heavy duty. Armored complex completed every minute:

Kettlebell Cleans x 2 means
Kettlebell strictly presses x 1 for
Kettlebell Squats x 3 means
Part 2
The second part of the training is done throughout the day, which means that it will go at a controlled speed, rest between the two groups as necessary (even so, the rest time should not exceed 90 seconds between the exercises))